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Mysterious new details revealed about The Secret Winter Garden


It is time to grab your hats and scarves and take a step into the glowing Secret Winter Garden, a unique, one-of-a-kind, festive adventure for families and fun lovers of all ages, set in the beautiful surroundings of Croxteth Hall’s stunning park and gardens.

For 10 nights only (December 13-22), guests are invited to take a wander on the wild side into a land inspired by botany, bee-keepers and beetle spotters, gardeners and giants, poets and plants, imagineers, artists and engineers… It’s an incredible, illuminated, wintery wonderland filled with fabulous characters that must be seen to be believed!

Meet time-travelling giant botanist characters, rascally ravens and flying flamingo puppets. Discover a tiny twinkling lantern town, alchemical eggs and dreams growing in the trees. Walk through the garden of stars, see colour-changing plants, magic beans and giant toads. Spot gleaming insects and light-emitting flowers. Listen to the four-legged singing gramophones. Pass through the glowing berry light tunnel and stop in your tracks to see the incredible giant mechanical tower, alive with a luminous host of butterflies! And maybe, just maybe, you can even make it snow!

Jo Pocock, artistic director, said: “If you want to do something truly different and exciting, this is the Christmas outing for you! We’ve travelled the four corners of the world collecting dreams and inspiration and can now finally fling open the gates to welcome our guests of all ages to the magical and mysterious, extraordinary and enchanting, one-off and wonderful Secret Winter Garden. It is the most magical thing you will experience this Christmas!”